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Coconut Creek Lombok

About Lombok

The Location

Selong Belanak on the Lombok Riviera is just a short drive from both the international airport and the ferry terminal in Lembar.

At Coconut Creek you have access to mains power, ample signal coverage for mobile networks and internet (3G). Selong Belenak now has fibre optic due to be extended to Coconut Creek.

Coconut Creek is the only project under development in the Jabon Hills at the moment that has a direct public beach access road to Selong Belanak and the new main carriage way leading to the bays in the west.

Medical, banking, cinemas, malls and other facilities are located in the capital, Mataram, a short 50-minute drive away.

Flights to Lombok

A new International Airport opened in Lombok in October 2011 and is conveniently located to access the South coast via a newly paved road within 20 minutes. Currently several airlines are offering attractive connections with daily flights to Lombok from:

Singapore (2h45m)
Kuala Lumpur (3h05m)
Jakarta (2h05m)
Bali (0h25m)
Perth (3h40m)
Hong Kong (Upcoming) (4h10m)

Coconut Creek Lombok by Private Sanctuary